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TO RETRACT. To withdraw a proposition or offer before it has been accepted.
     2. This the party making it has a right to do is long as it has not been accepted; for no principle of law or equity can, under these circumstances, require him to persevere in it.
     3. The retraction may be express, as when notice is given that the offer is withdrawn; or, tacit as by the death of the offering party, or his inability to complete the contract; for then the consent of one of the parties has been destroyed, before the other has acquired any existence; there can therefore be no agreement. 16 Toull. 55.
     4. After pleading guilty, a defendant will, in certain cases where he has entered that plea by mistake or in consequence of some error, be allowed to retract it. But where a prisoner pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny, and sentence has been passed upon him, he will not be allowed to retract his plea, and plead not guilty. 9 C. & P. 346; S. C. 38 E. C. L. R. 146; Dig. 12, 4, 5.

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Keywords: IF- strongly semiopen, IF- strongly semi continuous, IF-retract and IF- neighbourhood retract, IF strongly semiretract
The purpose of this paper is to define IF- open sets) and many results of IF- strongly semi continuous Also, we define IF-retract and IF- neighborhood retract and IF- strongly semi retract as applications of IF- strongly semi continuous.
There is a question about the quality of information in the press release, and the responsible thing to do was to retract claims made in the press release.
3 Every -P- retract is a -nbd P-retract, but the converse is not true .
Similar to the Posi-LATCH(TM) system, the retractable harness retracts like a traditional seatbelt, creating a better fit for each individual child.
Sprue-break circuitry allows the nozzle to retract from the sprue bushing an adjustable amount during single or automatic cycle.
The Maxxon safety syringe is a single-handed, vacuum-operated safety syringe that retracts the used needle into the barrel of the syringe after use.
The spring activated safety mechanism retracts the blade into the device body post-use to help prevent blade injuries associated with surgical procedures.
manufactures its own Elite brand anti-stick safety syringe that incorporates a transparent sleeve into which the needle automatically retracts after use.
When not in use, the earpiece retracts to a protective holder with only the push of a button.
The company therefore does not consider the assay information to be reliable in estimating the mineralization in the Rushan concession and retracts it.