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Can we possibly conceive of what it might mean to retranslate the divine name, a name which has found such a clear and common presence in English-language Christian liturgy and devotion?
It aims to organize all the information translated on the Web and gives translators the benefit of not having to retranslate phrases already translated by others.
The lack of integrated products in the past meant that any time there was a change or correction to the documentation, we would have to retranslate large portions of the content to ensure that we caught all the updates.
It moves as quickly as history moves; or rather, the movement of history is visible each time the city retranslates itself, and this is legible in the architecture as well as the consciously memorialized and inevitably repressed debris each transition generates.
He does not merely provide a translation of the primary text followed by both sets of commentary--which might give the impression that the meaning of the primary text was obvious, with the commentary simply appended for further explanation--but rather retranslates the primary text itself in light of the commentary that follows.
On receipt, it translates the documents into the Delfour flat file format for execution, and retranslates return documents into the preferred vendor format.
In an exception to the general use of Arabic sources, a chapter on the celebrated woman mystic, Rabi'a (who apparently left nothing in her own hand), retranslates a 13-century Persian hagiographical account in a fine rendering by Paul Losensky.