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In this article, I explore what teaching Lutheran doctrines in a mission context means and entails by looking at how Lutherans in mission contexts (3) could regard Luther and his teachings as inspirational, the impacts of translating and retranslating the Lutheran doctrinal statements and confessions into the contextual realities, and the development of a contextualized Lutheran identity through coram doctrine.
The fourth is part of a project that envisages retranslating the entire Mahabharata, thus duplicating the longstanding University of Chicago project.
As a linguist, Enrico has spent years re-eliciting, editing, and retranslating the Swanton stories, which his book features in a bilingual format.
By retranslating the term as "entrusted to" rather than as "supplied by," Aperghis identifies among the non-ration texts, in addition to the transfers between storehouses, a new category: receipts for commodities supplied directly to storehouses by producers.
Perhaps I can prove this by retranslating the title poem as my reviewer's contribution to understanding this little volume.
For instance, a marketing team can "network" their TMs with those from the product development group, increasing the likelihood of a matched segment and reducing the volume and associated cost of retranslating content.
Cumulative translation Cumulative gains and losses on retranslating the net