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In the conventional retread process, each of these skives must be accurately filled and smoothed out by the operator, using a handheld extruder.
A senior manager at Bridgestone Taiwan says that the Japanese headquarters' decision to set up the tire retread plant is driven by its responsibility to protect the global environment, stressing that the tire retread factory in Taiwan will recycle only own-branded TBR tires from freighters for resale, as well as from tire shops.
Today, says BBTS, Brazil is the biggest market for retread tyres in Latin America, with an average annual movement of 7.
Fleets that are using reliable and durable new tyres will be able to retread the tyres at 50 per cent of the cost of a new tyre and get the performance is comparable to that of a new tyre.
Bridgestone's retread tires are widely used on trucks and buses, aircraft, and construction and mining vehicles.
Although all UK airlines and more than 40% of British commercial vehicles already use retreads as standard procedure, uptake is still slow in Wales.
Mark Larsen plans to move his business, H&O Precure Retread Inc.
The business has nearly doubled since March, when Trans-American bought five tire stores and three retread plants in Arkansas from Tire Distribution Systems Inc.
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, one of two approved suppliers for the CRJ1000, will manufacture and retread the tyres at its facility in Castle Bromwich.
Data collected during tyre testing can then be archived to provide a live review of the tyre's history, improving the efficiency, quality and safety of the retread process and products.
Every tire we can retread keeps a vehicle running in this worldwide shortage," says Blake.
In the meantime, a new action plan, supported by the Environment Agency, includes increasing support for existing Welsh companies who retread used tyres so that they can be used again.