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The inner place he partitioned off with the same wickerwork, but much fairer, and divided into six apartments, so that he had six rooms on a floor, and out of every one of these there was a door: first into the entry, or coming into the main tent, another door into the main tent, and another door into the space or walk that was round it; so that walk was also divided into six equal parts, which served not only for a retreat, but to store up any necessaries which the family had occasion for.
And again I charged, only to see the eyes retreat before me and hear the muffled rush of the three at my back.
com)-- Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, a travel company providing premier women's trail running and wellness retreats in five countries, has added Ireland to its roster of 2018 retreats.
ANC, Wiper and Kanu have had already held their retreats and ODM was considering to have its own retreat this year before the NASA retreat.
The retreat offers a team of veteran retreat resource speakers in retreats and conferences,' the Dominican friar added.
org Private retreats with or without spiritual direction are available, contact Kateri: katerikOisandamiano.
Muscat: The Whispers of Serenity Clinic run by mental health professional Janab Al Sayyida Basma Al Said, and the Gailani Art Retreats run by Muscat-based artist Ibrahim Gailani, announced that they have entered a partnership.
We always knew retreats were fabulous, but in sitting down with Nicole Gibbard, the regional fitness manager of six Silhouette health clubs, we learned what a difference they can really make.
This issue of Strategies is dedicated to law firm retreats and has been written as a guide you can use when planning your law firm's retreat.
Board retreats are an excellent opportunity to think about the future of the organization, establish new goals and develop desired standards of performance.
The Indigenous Peoples Program (IPP) operates through the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) to conduct Aboriginal Youth Leadership Training Retreats based on Arts and Culture.
Work around the economic storm and keep everyone aboard happy with low-budget, motivational retreats that boost employee moral and enhance communication.