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The Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions in Nigeria has warned banks not to retrench workers following the introduction of the Treasury Single Account policy.
Sheikh Aftab made it clear that the government is not considering to retrench employees from the public sector department.
As commodity bears wait for a sharp correction to adjust prices to more equitable levels, the reality is that while volatile, markets for copper, nickel and zinc have been showing strong upward movement and may have quite a while to run before they retrench.
A redistribution of purchasing power from consumers to producers (including governments in oil-exporting countries) will arrest the growing demand for oil and damp growth in demand for other goods and services, as gainers are likely to spend more slowly than losers retrench.
Yes, it's hard that many of our industries are branches of national or international companies and when they retrench we suffer, but we still have a hell of a lot going for us.
The North American metalcasting industry had experienced a dramatic decline in shipments and a massive capacity shakeout in the early 1980s as foreign competition forced OEM casting buyers to retrench and seek low-cost casting suppliers in Asia and elsewhere.
with HRC citing "differing management philosophies" and Jacques hinting that she opposed HRC's plan to retrench on same-sex marriage in the wake of the election.
A spokesperson for M-Web said that it had undertaken not to retrench staff from either company and that it was happy to be purchasing Tiscali's entire infrastructure.
In addition, most social policy scholars contend that globalization has exerted powerful pressures on governments to reduce social expenditures and retrench social programs.
Hamel: It is a natural reaction in cyclical times for companies to retrench.