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NEW YORK-Four out of five creditworthy consumers in the United States, eyeing a rise in their fixed expenses of 13 percent, are likely to hold the line or even retrench on their discretionary spending during the year.
When consumers become less secure in their jobs and finances, they retrench as well.
After video-savvy, suavely PC director David Ross departed in 1998 for the sunnier, cyberrich climes of the Bay Area, the Whitney--so the story goes--decided to retrench.
Business Ethics, which was a publication like that, recently had to retrench, changing from glossy to newsletter format and cutting back staff.
Many believe the bigger institutions, such as the ballet, the Toronto Symphony, and even the Stratford and Shaw theater festivals in the Toronto area are in danger of losing hard-won high standings in the international community as they retrench.
If I talk only of the county governments, we have pension and pay bills that have accumulated to about Sh50 billion and now they are talking of looking for some Sh3 billion to retrench people.
There were fears that Air India would retrench some employees to cut operational costs, but the minister made it clear that there was no plans to retrench any employee, rather they would be looking forward to the restructuring plan that the airline would be submitting in a month's time.
If Tong Tong bounced off the air bag and spent one day in hospital, the company's decision to retrench h*n should stay.
We will not retrench anyone, in fact, we are recruiting new members to our team on a daily basis.
This comes seven days after its parent company, the Alternative Investment Markets-listed Weatherly International, assured its shareholders that it would only retrench 100 workers and maintain two copper producing mines.
It's painful to watch an industry retrench," Keller said in a statement.