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5 million (US$192 million) plan designed to support workers retrenched during the global economic downturn.
Statistics provided by Migrante International has initially recorded 4,205 retrenched OFWs.
Labour Attach Cortazsar said the packaged programme for the retrenched workers is in three major phases, the second and third of which were repackaged OWWA programmes.
Oddly, even though the Posleen have now so overrun the Earth that humans have retrenched to small pockets of isolated groups, there is still an American hierarchy of incompetent brass giving questionable orders to grunts.
Over the last twenty years, comparative social policy scholarship has become very interested in the question of whether the welfare state has been retrenched, dismantled or reconstructed and if so, to what extent and with what consequences.
The services-producing industries retrenched 4,200 employees.
Over the last decade, all payers have retrenched from good/full post hospital care, through a combination of reduced payment, bureaucratic harassment i.
SilkAir, the regional unit of Singapore Airlines, is to offer cabin crew positions to several trainees who were retrenched by the larger carrier earlier in November.
Hitachi Data Systems Ltd has apparently retrenched its nascent US software operation for at least a year while it considers its next move, supposedly into the enterprise application integration market.
However, ESCAP said anecdotal evidence suggested that women formed a large and at times disproportionately higher number of retrenched workers.
Unemployment among the men there was rife due to retrenched workers returning from their former places of employment, as well as alcohol and lack of training.