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Member of Parliament for Francistown South, Mr Wynter Mmolotsi had asked the minister why Tati Nickel employees were treated differently from those of BCL after retrenchment, whether the minister was aware that according to the contract signed by staff, retrenched workers were supposed to be paid packages and why only children of managers were assisted with school fees although all employees were affected by the retrenchment.
In 1990 the government launched a 10-year civil service reform programme that culminated in compulsory retrenchment of many employees in 2000.
He also appealed to the all splinter groups of the PFUJ and elected bodies of press clubs across the country to hold protest demonstration against the retrenchment of their colleagues.
Having relied on massive government spending plans financed by oil revenues for growth over the past decade, banking sectors across the gulf will suffer from fiscal retrenchment brought about by the prolonged slump in global oil prices.
A statement signed by the minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, said, 'Following spate of petitions and complaints from stakeholders in the banking, insurance and financial institutions, I hereby direct the suspension of the on-going retrenchment pending the outcome of the conciliatory meetings in the industry.
4) These calls for retrenchment have recently been amplified by fears of American decline vis-a-vis rising or resurgent rivals such as Russia and China, and by the emergence of a host of strategic challenges around the world.
Historians can make a credible case that periods of maximalist over-commitment have done more damage to America's place in the world than periods of retrenchment.
The Coalition government that came to power in May 2010 was committed both to a major programme of fiscal retrenchment and deep reform of the working age social security system.
This loss [during that time] was because we spent a lot of money on our retrenchment programme," James Mushore, NMBZ CEO, told analysts gathered in Harare for a briefing about the results.
The second and largest part explores the dynamics of welfare state retrenchment during the Reagan and Clinton years.
Penda Kiiyala, the General Manager for External Relations and Communities at Rossing Uranium said the retrenchment exercise, which was announced early March, will soon be finalised as a number of people have exercised the option of a voluntary exit package.