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PetroSA said it invited the union to talk about measures to minimise or avoid the affect of retrenchments.
The Coalition's record on working age social security is reviewed under the headings of continuity (with the policies of the previous government), retrenchment and reform.
Some of the bank's staff were asked to move to Johannesburg from Pretoria and they were threatened with retrenchment if they did not comply with the order.
But in our post-9/11 political epoch of retrenchments and reterritorializations, of Sunni Triangles and Guantanameros, the country of Mexico, largely betrayed by big Clinton/Salinas-era promises, has been at best politely ignored by the US government and at worst accused of tacit subversion.
retrenchments in terms of retrenchment agreements and the agreed principles on
by Dilip Saraf draws upon the author's past three years working with employment seeking clients who were laid off during the Silicon Valley high tech retrenchments and dotcom failures.
Contrary to a report in today's Business Day, retrenchments of up to 2 000
In direct contrast, neighboring Fairfield county struggled to cope with the effects of corporate retrenchments, seeing sluggish leasing, negative absorption, and an increase in availability.
A paper issued by the ministry's Research and Statistics Department said flexible working arrangements, including part-time work, ''can help businesses tide over difficult periods without resorting to retrenchments.
The parties will focus on finding ways to minimise the negative impact of the retrenchments and Denel has committed to assist with seeking job opportunities for the affected employees both within the Denel group and the broader market.
Contradicting this stance, the GIPF a week ago put out a statement saying the NAC employees opted to switch pension funds, a process which was not finalised when the retrenchments happened.