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The Coalition government that came to power in May 2010 was committed both to a major programme of fiscal retrenchment and deep reform of the working age social security system.
By retrenchment we mean measures which aim to reduce expenditure while remaining within the broad parameters of the inherited system; by reform, we mean large-scale redesign of benefits.
Louis von Zeuner, the banking group's deputy chief executive officer, said, 'We have no mass retrenchment programme in place.
In the past, the corporate retrenchments characteristic of a slower economy would have caused a major downslide in Westchester's commercial market.
Market arguments often are used to explain the disparities of In this article I use data of American Association of University Professors (AAUP) cases dealing with retrenchment reported in Academe between 1980-90.
PetroSA said it invited the union to talk about measures to minimise or avoid the affect of retrenchments.
About thirty former workers of Namibia Airports Company face an uncertain future as their former employer argues with the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) over their retrenchment packages and specific insurance provisions.
Denel Aviation said : 'Because DPS has no contract or order cover beyond this date March 31 the company has no option but to proceed with the retrenchment for the entire DPS/AMG workforce'.
Retrenchment usually comes with certain financial rewards to ease the pain.
This decision would enable the bank to prevent significant retrenchments in the Emirates, according to Rick Crossman, chief of personal financial services for the UAE.
Penda Kiiyala, the General Manager for External Relations and Communities at Rossing Uranium said the retrenchment exercise, which was announced early March, will soon be finalised as a number of people have exercised the option of a voluntary exit package.