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Legal responsibility and lack of retributive responsibility:
Retributive justice is known as lex talionis in the European legal tradition.
VanDrunen only compounds the problem by insisting that the New Testament instructs believers to live according to the eschatological order of grace and mercy and not the protological order of retributive justice.
There and elsewhere, educational institutions are pursuing programs that focus on restorative, rather than retributive, justice.
In answering this question, we should first see that at the bottom of the criminalization of undocumented migrants lie the retributive rationale and its politics of retribution.
In the aftermath of amnesty, these great citizens and their families get totally forgotten while perpetrators of crimes meet neither retributive nor restorative justice responsibilities for the sake of the injured parties.
Only towards the end of the play, when retributive forces encircle him, does this icy killer loosen his tie.
The bill is rumored to be a retributive measure against the U.
They are (1) the incarnation as eternal, (2) the particularity of Jesus' human experience, and (3) divine justice as necessarily retributive.
Nonetheless, according to the Russian diplomat the Syrian President suspected that his supporters would face retributive acts by his successor.
O'Brien cites numerous court rulings which emphasise that prisoners lose their liberties, not their rights, but justice is too often seen as retributive.
Decisions by the new gacaca tribunals are generally not based on traditional compromise; their penalties necessarily involve retributive punishment.