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Enterprise Search and Retrieval (ESR) tools enable users to discover the most appropriate information from multiple information sources and repositories.
In addition, the system offers new document label printing capabilities, it enables users to link documents to earlier recorded documents for easy search and retrieval, and it offers automated batch scanning to reduce scanning time and operator intervention and also offers an enhanced user interface with backup and reporting capabilities.
Express Retrieval achieves both; not only do our clients get the documents they need at a much faster rate than any other provider, the cost has been made very affordable.
dtSearch offers a variety of royalty-based and royalty-free pricing options for the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.
Profit Systems Software has been a leading provider of credit report retrieval software and support service for more than 15 years and with many new options now available in the industry, it is time to take our customers to a new level," said Marvin Plunkett, owner of Profit Systems Software.
At the heart of each of these applications is the Endeca Navigation Engine(R), a meta-relational indexing and retrieval technology that allows users to create unique data intersections on the fly - and at sub-second speeds.
User preferences include websites, headlines, summaries, and text retrieval that are saved to enable automated future searches.
tw) will resell Convera's RetrievalWare(R) software to its large base of customers for its Information Retrieval Management System (IRMS).
The DATAGUARDIAN Rapid Recovery service ensures instant data access and retrieval in the midsized enterprise environment.
Archive One Compliance is designed to provide a full discovery and audit trail to organizations that need to comply with the vast array of country, government, industry and corporate rules and regulations for e-mail retention and retrieval.
Formed in January of 2000, SchemaLogic provides software solutions that simplify information integration and retrieval by managing enterprise schema and metadata specifications.
Electronic evidence plays a larger role in litigation at a time when corporations' information databases have quadrupled in size, making retrieval more difficult," said Audrey Rasmussen, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates.