retroactive effect

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The merger will start having legal effects on December 1st, 2014, whereas the accounting and tax effects will be charged on the financial statements of the surviving company with retroactive effect from January 1st, 2014.
He explained that there was no point in putting off transferring the deeds as any reduction would have retroactive effect if it is decided.
This new law is meant to help the families of security forces martyrs receive a financial compensation with retroactive effect as of March 1, 2011.
But Botas has claimed an additional revision of the price, also with retroactive effect, based on grounds which are factually unsubstantiated.
If the law has a retroactive effect, he is going to prepare the initiative for evaluation of its constitutionality.
ADPnews) - Dec 17, 2009 - The management and supervisory boards of Austrian real estate company Immofinanz (WBAG:IIA) and its eastern European unit Immoeast (WBAG:IEA) approved today the merger of the two companies, with a retroactive effect from April 30.
Now all employees in Scandinavian Airlines Norway will have their pension payouts restated from 66% to 70% with retroactive effect from December 1 2004, SAS said, leading to a one off negative economic effect on employment costs of SEK130m and SEK30m per year thereafter.
However, issues arose over whether the amendment had a retroactive effect.
Please notice that "complied" is past tense, thus such legislation is unconstitutional because it is an "ex post facto law"--it is a law having retroactive effect.
They outlined what actually happened to various proposed penalties and pointed out that there is an extended statute of limitations, which has retroactive effect.
8) Although it is well established in criminal law that retroactive effect is measured from the date of criminal conduct, (9) many courts have drawn a very different lesson from the Supreme Court's decision in St.
They conceded that, constitutionally, Congress has the power to pass legislation with a retroactive effect.