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If this amendment had been effective for the tax years of Insurer in Northumberland, the excise tax would not have applied to the reinsurance premiums paid to Insurer, and consequently, the application of the excise tax to the reinsurance premiums retroceded to Reinsurer would not have resulted in a cascading effect.
The reinsurance software manages treaties for ceded, assumed, retroceded, pools, and affiliates.
Currently, the entire book of business at Columbia and Charleston is comprised of blocks retroceded from Commonwealth.
retroceded a portfolio of business to Berkshire Hathaway; and a stop loss agreement extended by Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd which limited Berkshire Hathaway's exposure in the overall transaction to USD 1.
SW be tailored and integrated to meet all of Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 your ceded, assumed and retroceded www.
Munich Re America) has reinsured a portion of two catastrophe risk layers of the NC JUA/IUA, which have been fully retroceded to Johnston Re Ltd.
The entire book of business at Columbia and Charleston is currently comprised of blocks retroceded from Commonwealth.
has reinsured a portion of a catastrophe hurricane risk layer of the MPIUA that have been fully retroceded to Cayman Islands-licensed special purpose reinsurer, Shore Re Ltd.
WMRe Bermuda's loss exposures have been retroceded to WMRe Sirius and upon regulatory approval, WMRe Bermuda will be contributed to WMRe Sirius and in run off.
STI, a software product company, offers SurSITE(R), a reinsurance processing system that helps an insurance or reinsurance organization to facilitate and support critical reinsurance back-office business processes and efficiently manage complex reinsurance contract combinations throughout the entire reinsurance contract workflow, from assumed and ceded to retroceded business.
2) Unearned premiums and prepaid reinsurance premiums were increased to reflect the change in premium earning methodology under FAS 163 along with the net present value of installment premiums, on assumed and retroceded policies respectively.
100% of the business fronted on behalf of Paris Re was retroceded in 1Q07 to Paris Re Holdings or its affiliates.