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Le deuxieme cas de figure de la retrogradation construit le mythe et la glorification des acteurs politiques qu'on croit etre pour le changement, soientils politiques ou religieux.
They found that xanthan gum could be used to retard retrogradation and changes in the texture of tapioca starch-based gels during their cold storage.
The suitable-designed structures of the synthesized products have been expected to decrease the moisture sensitivity and retard the retrogradation of TPS.
Adebowale KO and O Lawal Functional properties and retrogradation behavior of native and chemically modified starch of mucuna bean (Mucuna pruriens).
The effect of retrogradation and amylase/amylopectin ratio on starches and carbohydrates fermentation and microbial populations in the porcine colon.
Apres la retrogradation du WAT en division nationale amateur (DNA), le vent du desespoir a souffle de nouveau a l'ouest du pays en ejectant l'USMBA de la Ligue 1.
Adding the resistant starch also delayed or decreased amylopectin retrogradation, with acceptable changes occurring in bread quality at up to 20% of flour replacement.
En Hongrie, Michael Schumacher a une nouvelle fois ete mele a un incident de course, avec Rubens Barrichello, qui lui vaudra une retrogradation de 10 places sur la grille au Grand Prix de Belgique.
Setback value is an index of the tendency of the cooked flour to harden on cooling due to amylose retrogradation [22].
The appearance of these new diffraction peaks gave clear evidence for the formation of crystalline domains generated by retrogradation of the amorphous chains.
The texturising wheat flour FCI[R] delivers a wide range of benefits, including strong viscosity and after cooking thickening, absence of retrogradation, ungelated texture, shear stability, and excellent pasteurisation and storage properties.
Le wali de Tlemcen a annonce, hier, en marge des 5es rencontres dibiennes, que des mesures ont ete prises suite a la retrogradation du WAT.