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anomalously radioactive white pegmatite dyke crosscutting retrogressed garnet
Sample CC293 was recovered from an anomalously radioactive white pegmatite dyke crosscutting retrogressed garnet (biotite) feldspar gneiss, and assayed at 2.
In some cases, they have actually retrogressed from their status before independence.
23) Graft, whose remarks were reprinted in the paper, argued that society had retrogressed in terms of freedom since the eighteenth century and concluded that intellectual freedom was necessary to political freedom.
Unfortunately, when a priority date has retrogressed, or moved backward, it means there is a backlog of immigrant visas available and only those foreign nationals with current priority dates may proceed with filing for adjustment of status.
That is to say, this substance either has been perfected or has retrogressed (the latter however does not actually happen) in the two modes of existence and hence its essential characteristics have been transmuted.
The nation that once produced such classics as "Grand Illusion," "Jules and Jim," and "Devil in the Flesh" has retrogressed to a pornographic imitation of "Natural Born Killers" or "Badlands.
In fact, insofar as the entertainment that the groundlings consume nowadays is of incomparably lower quality, such self-understanding may be said to have retrogressed rather than advanced.
While its neighbors progress, "Nicaragua has increasingly retrogressed toward practices suitable for the previous century," said the letter.