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HB 6152 is retrogressive because it backpedals the gain of the workers' struggle that catapulted the more than century-old International Labor Standards and the Philippine law stipulating that eight hours per day is the normal working cycle.
People inadvertently experiment with retrogressive metamorphosis when they strictly adhere to raw food diets.
It's considerably disappointing to see various developments in Japan, and more recently, retrogressive words and deeds are pouring cold water on our government's will to improve friendly ties with Japan," he added.
Macedonia needs progressive and European ideas and not retrogressive ideas," Mehmeti-Devaja said.
These measures are socially retrogressive and contrary to the health of the nation.
We find that Texas has failed to make this showing-in fact, record evidence demonstrates that, if implemented, SB 14 will likely have a retrogressive effect," the U.
Here students are working on wthralhng projects like drive-by-wire vehicles, Quadeopters, robots, solar-powered planes and vehicles' Surprisingly, on practical grounds, they do not find any room to exploit their potential because our indusiry is running on a retrogressive path.
Although admitting that he had not seen the contents of the new bill, the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee said it would be retrogressive if the new bill would result in a centralised procurement system.
Badal may be starting to look like a character from a cartoon strip, but what's driving Kapil Sibal, who read law at Harvard Law School to stand for retrogressive causes?
The Committee had a vital role to play both in discouraging the adoption of retrogressive measures that may negatively impact on people's social rights, and in helping to find viable responses to the crises in respect to international human rights law", Pillay said she had been actively engaged in consultations with States about resources, and recently held informal consultations in Geneva and New York in which she stressed that resources for treaty bodies must be adequate to the task they were mandated to fulfil.
Any removal, whether whole or part of the subsidy will be a retrogressive action especially at a time, when fertilizer prizes are increasing on the international market.
The Sydney Morning Herald article noted that both Phillip Hughes and Usman Khawaja have taken retrogressive steps this season, and added that "Shaun Marsh did not cope with the blowtorch that settled on him in his first summer as a Test batsman.