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Indeed, despite the onwards passing of the years, they travel retrogressively back to Paris 'the mother of New Orleans', where the grey stone pillars, pointed arches and labyrinthine catacombs of medieval Gothic await them.
Another must be to ask if legitimate concerns he raised, now so very long ago, could be formulated presently in such a way as to lead productively ahead rather than retrogressively backwards or distractingly off to the side.
With its final vision of "de othah Mastah" who will call "me to my qua'ters in de sky," the poem retrogressively engages a racialized cosmology that draws parallels between divine and earthly masters.
The problem is not simply that in defending the infallibility of the King, Chalmers proved himself even more Tory than Mathias; it is that Chalmers both vigorously supports the republic of letters and attacks retrogressively two of the main developments Habermas picks out as decisive moments in the establishment of a public sphere in England: the freedom of the press, as epitomized in the case of Junius; and the right to report parliamentary business.