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The specimen contained tissue of the entire retroperitoneal space between the right iliac vessels, liver, inferior vena cava, and lateral abdominal wall.
The right ureter should be identified first, with the retroperitoneal space gradually developed toward the left side, and the left ureter then identified (Fig.
Abdominal ultrasonography revealed a 9 X 9 X 10 cm hematoma in the left retroperitoneal space.
In addition, the chart contained two copies of the "REDICTATION," an unsigned report, and a signed copy that was identical except for the had written insertion of the word "dissected" in a blank left by a transcriber for "inaudible" term and the handwritten addition of the words "broad ligament" next to the term "medial ligament" in a sentence that read as follows: "The retroperitoneal space was entered posteriorly on the left side, and the ureter was identified along the medial ligament [handwritten: broad ligament] of the peritoneum.
6 cm), and the apparent widespread infiltrative growth with frequent extension into the pelvic cavity and broad ligament, and even into the retroperitoneal space.
10] In our case, the abdominal CT scan showed multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the retroperitoneal space around the left ureter, and the patient had an adhesion between the middle part of the left ureter and a stiff left psoas at surgery, yet the distal ureter was normal.

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