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Turning to John Bernard's Retrospections of America, one finds a depiction of Southerners which is quite similar.
John Bernard's Retrospections of America contains a scene in which a Southerner really does capture a stranger and hold him hostage.
DOROTHEA HERBERT Retrospections Foreword by Louis Cullen Dublin, Town House, 2004, 9.
Dorothea Herbert, the daughter of a rector from County Tipperary, was born in about 1770 and lived through the fascinating decades leading up to and down from the Irish Act of Union of 1800; she wrote her highly entertaining autobiographical Retrospections as a form of personal therapy after her thwarted love affair with the son of a neighboring Big House.
Minimal editing has permitted the survival of fundamental inanity, Joycean analytic overindulgence, and compulsive retrospections that exasperate.
Tilden (1895), as well as an autobiography, Retrospections of an Active Life (5 v.
His own autobiography is Retrospections of an Active Life (5 vols, 1909 - 13).