return an answer

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Don Quixote, when he saw that not one of the four travellers took any notice of him or replied to his challenge, was furious and ready to die with indignation and wrath; and if he could have found in the ordinances of chivalry that it was lawful for a knight-errant to undertake or engage in another enterprise, when he had plighted his word and faith not to involve himself in any until he had made an end of the one to which he was pledged, he would have attacked the whole of them, and would have made them return an answer in spite of themselves.
The sheer volume of data, and the speed at which it is collected, makes it difficult and costly to store, while a query can take too long to return an answer unless the right technology is in place.
While the progression shown in cells F6:F20 might be a suitable way to build the complete formula, you probably don't want to use 13 rows to return an answer for every combination of Company, Account, and Month.
and a human guide, utilizing powerful tools to search the Web would return an answer in a text message with a Web reference link.
Ask what something is worth and your brain will return an answer, although you might not have much confidence in it .
In addition they are limited in how quickly they can process a search request and return an answer because the user needs to define not only the request, but also the process to use for each search.
Carriers who support real-time response can fully process a submission and immediately return an answer, without the agent having to leave the management system.