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For example, in Weisbart, 222 F3d 93 (2000), the Second Circuit held that a taxpayer had three years from the date that he actually filed a return to file a claim for refund or credit.
Of these, 29,987,998 were "practitioner accepted," meaning the taxpayer took the return to an approved electronic return originator, who also likely prepared it.
The purpose for filing a return to report income information and self-assess tax liability ceases to exist after the IRS determines the taxpayers income and computes the tax liability.
6501(c)-1(f)(2)(i) through (v) list the information a donor must disclose on a gift tax return to meet this requirement.
Our customers can rely on Data Return to deliver the level of availability and security they need for even the most complex of applications," said Gideon Wilkins, acting managing director for Data Return U.
We chose Data Return to manage our Web presence because of their unrivalled expertise in Microsoft technologies and their ability to respond quickly as we add features and functionality to the site.
In two meetings with IRS agents, H asked to sign the original return to correct the problem, but was not allowed to do so (apparently because W had filed her separate 1995 return).
We found Data Return to be very cost-effective and flexible, which was important considering the project's tight schedule.
Rather, the proper analysis is whether the additions to the jurat cause the return to fail the requirement that returns be signed under penalties of perjury.
com's InstaCredit (TM) service, available later this year, will allow many customers to receive authorization for an immediate merchandise credit on their credit card--rather than waiting weeks for the return to be processed by the merchant.
Vest's history, the company has been a trendsetter in financial planning and has always viewed the tax return to be the road map to financial independence.
Money managers who are truly tax-efficient are willing to continue to hold a security with a low-cost basis even when they expect the return to be less than that of an alternative investment.