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Always he was planning on reaching the mainland, and never a day passed that he did not go to the top of the hill and look out across the sea toward the dark, distant line that meant for him comparative freedom and possibly reunion with his comrades.
Do what I might, I was still (in the prophetic language of Dame Dermody) taking the way to reunion with my kindred spirit in the time to come.
The Fynes, in their good-natured concern for the unlucky child of the man busied in stirring casually so many millions, spent the moments of their weekly reunion in wondering earnestly what could be done to defeat the most wicked of conspiracies, trying to invent some tactful line of conduct in such extraordinary circumstances.
I glanced at the first page; it seemed full of extravagant protestations of affection; impetuous longings for a speedy reunion - and impious defiance of God's mandates, and railings against His providence for having cast their lot asunder, and doomed them both to the hateful bondage of alliance with those they could not love.
Madame, I have your permission to hold a little reunion in the salon?
Classes of 1974 and 1975: Combined class reunions will be held at 6 p.
Khartoum, 17 Juillet (SUNA) - Le Soudan accueillera les reunions du groupe africain des ministres africains des Finances et des gouverneurs des banques centrales au sien du Fonds monetaire international et la Banque Mondiale le 3 et 4 de septembre prochain.
Pyongyang -- North Korea is indefinitely postponing scheduled reunions of families separated by the Korean War, a government statement said on Saturday.
City mum Janet Pritchard has been heading a group of people who have been organising reunions for the Longford school over the past 10 years.
Summary: North and South Korea agreed Friday to go ahead with the first reunions in three .
19 ( ANI ): North Korea has agreed to South Korea's proposal to resume reunions of families separated since the 1950-1953 war.
The idea is that more filming will be done at next Saturday's event and then a film based on both reunions will be shown in the same venue on BANK Holiday Monday two days later.