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Ahead of such an initiative, the savings provider said it would initiate a campaign to reunite as many customers as possible with unclaimed funds.
The agency currently is trying to reunite thousands of long-term foster-care children with their parents, Department of Children and Family Services Director David Sanders said.
The move is part of a drive by Halifax to reunite people with forgotten savings ahead of 2009, when the Government's unclaimed assets scheme comes into force.
It is hoped the innovative move will reunite owners with their pets before you can say stay
We've found time and time again, when someone's lost everything and you can reunite them with their animals, it makes all the difference to bring the family back together,'' Seide Rubin said.
Wyler said it was now time for the Los Angeles Zoo to reunite Ruby with Gita, a 46-year-old Asian elephant and companion for 16 years.
But following appeals to reunite the pair, a woman returned the missing macaw to the zoo on Wenesday evening, a spokeswoman said.
Although Godolphin have declared Reunite at the five-day stage, the filly is more likely to run at Newbury the following day.
In a nutshell: The director and leading lady of ``Amelie'' reunite, scoring again with cleverness but failing to engage the heart.
REUNITE, the National Council for Abducted Children, handles some 1,000 cases every year.