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Companies are strongly encouraged to revalidate products to conform to the new USP <61> and <62> Suitability Test, and they must now specify which microorganisms are required to be absent.
It was a very demanding schedule to train 13 new personnel and revalidate five TMS suites for the 93rd Signal Brigade in the time allotted.
Every three years, Indiana repeats the sampling process to revalidate the taxability percentage.
The F-117 flight demonstrations tested the navigation and weapon systems, dropped BDU-33s (Bomb Dummy Units) to revalidate the aircraft's bombing accuracy, and concluded with dropping two GBU-12 (Guided Bomb Unit).
They should revalidate my passport so that my visit to Pakistan is facilitated," he said.
The Hamad Medical Corporation will soon begin to revalidate the qualifications, credentials and practices of all its consultant doctors including physcians at the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), it was announced yesterday.
We must separate the hard-working, honest individuals from those whose criminal activity would derail our efforts to reform and revalidate our country's proud history of immigration.
In case parliament endorses the Senate panel's decision, it will revalidate the 1969 Passports Law, under which serving members of the House are not allowed to carry diplomatic passports, while the new draft gives them the right to hold the same passports as serving ministers and senators.
England), is an attempt to revalidate the existentialist philosophical project of Jean-Paul Sartre through its application to film.
A GP kills his patients, so the response is to revalidate optometrists.
It is quite unreasonable not to revalidate my licences now.
Global Marine UK had failed to revalidate a permit for the type of work being carried out in the leg of the oil rig and MacGregor Energy Services had failed to make sure standard safety procedure was carried out by their own workmen.