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Affected Filipino seafarers seeking revalidation of their certificates for OIC-NW raised complaints against such pre-condition mentioned in Circular 2014-08, claiming that the re-taking of the examination is too onerous for seafarers who have already passed the said examination before and thus, were previously issued the essential certificates of competency," the author explained.
After piloting revalidation in 19 sites across the UK, the NMC says it is confident the process is achievable, effective and realistic and that it is a proportionate way to make sure that nurses and midwives keep their knowledge and skills up to date throughout their career.
The process of revalidation of cheque was taken up with very slow pace and the same was still pending with Secretary Finance since many months.
Among GPs, 60% disagreed that the plans for revalidation would help to identify and deal with doctors who are not fit to practise (32% disagreed and a further 28% strongly disagreed) while only 16% agreed (15% agreed and a further 1% strongly agreed).
Travel Business Review-October 22, 2012--DH -Medical revalidation of doctors to start in December(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
She said: "I am pleased medical revalidation will soon begin in Wales.
If a change is made to a process or output product, or if a process is no longer working in a state of control, revalidation must occur.
The Commerce Minister further said that the revalidation of some items of cotton export, which were earlier being covered under the scrutiny of the ban, has already been done.
Looking into Sunday''s North Wales Revalidation Coaching Conference at Llandrillo College.
Even in well-developed health care systems, many patients are not receiving the best secondary prevention treatment, despite a wealth of preventative guidelines, continuing medical education and revalidation programs," said Anthony Heagerty of the University of Manchester in an accompanying editorial.
The General Medical Council (GMC) is still consulting on its planned introduction of medical revalidation in 2012.
KARACHI, May 30 -- The Indian government has started issuing licences after revalidation of the cotton contracts to allow export of 263,000 Indian cotton bales to Pakistan, purchased by Pakistani companies.