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SMALL businesses in some parts of Belfast may have to relocate following the latest rates revaluation, it was claimed yesterday.
The association and the House Ethics Committee, convened on Tuesday, have received "numerous complaints" regarding to the loan restructuring process followed by banks, focusing on the purported need to revalue mortgaged property that has lost part of its value and the banks' practice of passing the cost of the revaluation to borrowers.
THE latest changes in legislation affecting property include the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 which became law on April 25 and postponement of the 2015 Rating Revaluation.
The opposition to a revaluation by all four parties comes as councils brace for an average cut of 1.
During the last revaluation in Wales in 2005, four times as many homes moved up one or two council tax bands than moved down, the UK Government said.
The revaluation follows the commissioning by the Board of RUSGIT of a valuation report from Grant Thornton, which itself follows a valuation provided by a specialist technology corporate valuer (Pagemill).
The Government will not collect any extra revenue as a result of the 2010 revaluation.
It is true that revaluation reduces the value of foreign assets expressed in local currency.
expects its Chinese operations to remain competitive as long as the revaluation is no sharper than 10 percent.
704(c) gain or loss created from a revaluation of property in the continuing partnership.
The VO reports that "there is a risk that some unscrupulous individuals or firms may seek to use the forthcoming revaluation as an opportunity to attempt to fraudulently mislead ratepayers into paying for a service, i.
The term "nominal" is emphasized because I focus on revaluations through "nominal" channels rather than "real" channels.