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With the substantial improvement in operations, the Company revalued the NOLs and recorded the future benefit as an asset, and has been recognizing income tax expense since the third quarter of 2012.
Ashimoto said, ''If the yuan is revalued by 10 to 20 percent in stages hereafter, the long-term impact will be inevitable.
The government has decreed homes will be revalued based on the estimated market value at April 1, 2005.
net international investment position and presents revalued estimates for direct investment, for U.
AKEL MP Yiannos Lamaris spoke of "extreme cases" where properties worth between e1/45,000 to e1/410,000 were revalued at e1/410m to e1/415m -- a thousand-fold discrepancy.
This was brought on by the recent revaluation, sold to the pups in the assembly on the basis of England being revalued next year.
Every home in Wales was revalued last year, with a third moving up at least one valuation band and just eight per cent dropping.
Yasuo Goto, a senior economist at Mitsubishi Research Institute, also said the margin was small and that the yen may rise against the dollar on speculation that the Chinese currency will be further revalued.
The Valuation Office Agency has revalued all commercial properties across England and Wales in preparation for the new rating list which comes into force on April 1 this year.
481 billion, resulting primarily from unrealized gains on assets denominated in foreign currencies revalued to reflect current market exchange rates.