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704-1(b)(2)(iv)(f)(5)(v)--which permits securities partnerships, substantially all the assets of which are readily tradable on established securities market, to revalue their property under GAAP--to include other partnerships whose assets may not be currently traded on an established exchange but which may have a reliable method for regularly adjusting the FMVs of their assets for GAAP purposes.
The market-value method is similar to that used by BEA to value portfolio investment in that both use stock price indexes to revalue equity interests in companies.
This section provides additional detail on the two methods--current-cost and market-value--used by BEA to revalue the USDIA and FDIUS positions.
For FDIUS, Standard and Poor's composite stock market data are used to revalue foreign parents' equity in U.
Final regulations (17) expand the circumstances in which a partnership can revalue capital accounts to include the grant of a partnership interest (other than a de minimis interest) for the provision of services.
TOKYO - Japanese companies reacted calmly Thursday to China's decision to effectively revalue the yuan while business leaders voiced dissatisfaction with the margin of revaluation.
I thought China would revalue the yuan by 5 percent.