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The CDA management has reiterated that consolidated steps are being taken to restore the nature beauty of the city and more modern facilities are being added in addition to revamping and up-gradation of existing ones.
Revamping Avenue 5, which connects Muscat Avenue in the north to Doha Avenue in the south, serves the traditional suq area, the petrol station and Yousif Engineer Health Centre, in addition to the nearby residential blocks.
The revamp included construction of roads in Block 643 and revamping roads and pathways in Block 644; located East of Nuwaidrat's main highway that passes through the village from the South to the North at a length of 6km.
Muscat: Omifco is ready with its plan aimed at revamping the existing plant and by adding an additional train for doubling the capacity, which is estimated to cost $1.
com's survey on Renovating and Revamping Your Home include that 25% of respondents want to renovate/revamp their home in 1-3 months, while 17% of respondents want this done immediately.
Level 3 Communications, a major player in the information services industry, put over $150 million worth of investment into the building, revamping everything from its elevators and lobby to its power supply and telecommunications infrastructure.
Wagner's revamping has garnered interest from TV and film location scouts.
After nine years of tests and evaluations, the Military Traffic Management Command has begun work on a total revamping of the personal property moves of the nation's service members.
We've never been able to meet the standard in the past, and won't be able to meet it now without extensive revamping,'' Conway said.
The site represents the first stage in revamping the entire site to deliver on the agency's commitment to better serve taxpayers.
6 million revamp, including installation of stadium-style tiered seating, building a new community area and shop, extending the restaurant and bar and revamping the entrance, was completed in four months.
The plan would mean revamping the current four-pump site to include a shop selling a range of groceries, and a new car wash area.