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The natural religious tendencies of created man are incorporated into revealed religion as understood by Catholics.
Several scholars think that the application of scientific knowledge and technology should be circumscribed by what revealed religion considers proper, useful and wholesome (al-Alwani, Kamal Hassan and Jacob).
Islam considers Christianity a revealed religion, vastly preferring it to atheism, even considering atheism a form of polytheism, as it attributes God's power to other than Him.
This chapter (the last to be written), and especially Mahdi's remarks on Alfarabi's "novel doctrine" concerning the qualifications of those who succeed the founder of the revealed religion, is also best understood in light of the preceding chapters.
It is an attack against the very idea of any revealed religion that claims that it alone is the exclusive road to salvation.
Because the more upbeat English romantic poets attempted to replace the verities of revealed religion with imaginative intuition of the truths of nature, they unquestionably aspired to "song" as Berley defines it.
The argument that a temporal creation of the world cannot be logically demonstrated is by way of declaring the autonomy of natural reason from dogmas of revealed religion.
This observation suggests that even revealed religion might not be so exclusively "revealed," that there may be elements in any empirical religion, even a "true" one, that are human constructs, responding to human social and psychological needs.
For many, the guidance of revealed religion has been lost, and there is nothing to take its place.
In my view such "arguments" are logically equivalent to arguments from revealed religion and are merely the contemporary idioms through which revealed truth is expressed in a secularized world.
Collins offers a rich analysis the transitions from the outcome of the opposition between conscientious selves posed over against each other as actor and judge to the emergence of religion, and then of the development of religious consciousness to its culmination in revealed religion, and then of the emergence from this culmination, and indeed from the whole of the Phenomenology, of absolute knowing.
In effect the 'journal' is really a collection of Trevor-Roper's pensees, many of which involve his rather schoolboy war with God and revealed religion.