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The second part of the book treats the slightly earlier Chogyur Dechen Lingpa, [2] who belongs to the group of new treasure revealers (Tib.
At the basis of this division is an understanding Bonaventure shares with Aquinas that there are three ways in which God can be considered in relation to the creature: as cause, as revealer, and as object of union.
A knee-jerk reaction has characterized some who are upset by Dupuis's refusal to speak of God's historical self-communication in Christ as "absolute": "he must mean that it is only relative and there are various, more or less equal saviors and revealers.
Jesus is the faithful mediator of the reign of God and the revealer of God's definitive salvation.
Hermas is instructed by the woman Church who in the process is both heavenly revealer and the one rejuvenated through conversion.
44) But once we have obtained this knowledge, we have no further need in fact for either revelation or the Revealer.
But since this incarnation assures (for Christianity) the role of Jesus as the definitive savior and revealer of God,(4) Hegel's interpretation leads to problems like the one discussed at the 1992 CTSA meeting.
Successive chapters deal with Irenaeus's approach to the Valentinians, his view of the knowledge of the Father, of the revelation of his purpose in the redemptive work of the Son, of the significance of the Spirit as the revealer of the Son, and of the purpose of the Church as proclaiming and embodying the divine revelation.
The response that is proposed here can be summarized in this way: Jesus is salvation by being revealer, a symbol for an encounter with God and thus an incarnation of God, and an exemplar of human existence.
In his spirited little way, he's both a revealer and a healer.
Apart from his solo work - his last album, The Revealer, was his ninth and came out last autumn - Dayton's guitar-work has adorned albums by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and he proved his versatility by playing guitar for the LA punk-rockers, X.
The language of literature is the ultimate revealer of both the creativity and conventionality of language rules at large.