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97) It is through Christ as teacher and revealer of wisdom, model and aid in virtue, that Antony becomes a true philosopher.
This describes precisely the function of Utopians as system builders and as revealers of the limits imposed by the present total system.
Inconclusive Conclusions: Tricksters--Metaplayers and Revealers.
Although the subject of birds can be treated metaphorically or symbolically, their interaction with the main characters, as accusers or revealers of the truth, provides real drama in folklore.
A knee-jerk reaction has characterized some who are upset by Dupuis's refusal to speak of God's historical self-communication in Christ as "absolute": "he must mean that it is only relative and there are various, more or less equal saviors and revealers.
this exhibition brings numerous objects out of their dark and dingy cellars and attics to act as revealers of memory.
Poirier excels at literary contextualization, but he is more timid about pondering those social and cultural factors which produced such extraordinary texts, with their emphasis on feminine divine revealers, their learned and perceptive exegeses of Genesis 1-6, and their rich, cosmological imagery.