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Above all, I am sure that Seth is my channel to revelational knowledge, and by this I mean knowledge that is revealed to the intuitive portions of the self rather than discovered by the reasoning faculties.
Thus, a revelational paradox lies at the heart of the Incarnation: "No one has seen God at any time.
This ranges from willingness of the more liberal Orthodox camp to acknowledge historical forces in the development of halachah, to the so-called "fervently Orthodox," for whom every iota of halachah has revelational import similar in kind to biblical law.
Today, absent a revelational climate experience at the top, the responsibility devolves again to us in our myriad consumer choices.
For the Casey of Fate, place, correctly understood, does not imply revelational hierarchy or an ethical determinism.
Yet Jensen insisted, to his great credit, that his revelational signs have what he called visual body, that they be effective to the eye.
Hoffman and Albers often appeal to revelational sources.
locates in Bunyan's turn from "other men's words" an "anti-hermeneutics of experience" which elevates revelational knowledge of God's word over propositional knowledge.
On the other hand, religion can be the basis and the foundation for daily and revelational spiritual and environmental encounters.
Christ's resurrection, especially in its revelational confirmation of embodiment's possibilities, demands the development of a fully incarnational theology and an activation of the theological imagination that would be able to envision embodiment and particularity as the necessary preconditions for all the theological loci.
These two thinkers had much in common, above all the fact that they exchanged the revelational faith of their forebears for a rationalist interpretation of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.