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Several parades with huge floats are a major attraction of the carnival and people throw beads, masks and small toys towards the revelers during the parades.
In Sydney, as thousands of people gathered for celebrations, police minister Michael Daley urged revelers to keep a lid on their drinking.
Mathura/ New Delhi, March 11 (ANI): The festival of colours, Holi was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in national capital on Wednesday, with revelers spraying colour at each other.
When Redmon asks Mardi Gras revelers if they know where the beads come from, most profess their ignorance (``Don't know, don't care .
According to the 2000 Black Rock City Census, the median income of revelers is around $40,000 a year, and almost half of the participants work over 40 hours a week.
Revelers are expected to flood the ruins at Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman, which will be illuminated New Year's Eve.
Revelers are asked to bring two containers of canned food, but it's not required.
Nandgaon, March 7 (ANI):Women in Nandgaon town of Uttar Pradesh celebrated the 'Lathmar Holi' by beating the revelers with sticks,as they start the celebrations for the Hindu festival of colours, Holi.
Sam said revelers in China light fireworks from midnight until around 1:30 a.
Revelers also hear Christmas story readings, learn to make ornaments and ride on horse-drawn trolleys.
But if revelers were able to squeeze back into the roped-off VIP section, the hottie quotient went up exponentially.
Pele, Nadia Comaneci, Bart Connor, Francoise Mbango Etone, Gao Min, Felix Sanchez, Ian Thorpe, and Trischa Zorn); Hourly celebrity countdowns hosted by Kathy Griffin, Shirley Jones, and others; the world premiere of NYC2012's new promotional video; 100 White Comet Centennial Candles rocketing above One Times Square in honor of the 100th Anniversary; Singers, Comedians, Def Jam Poet Kayo Charles, and cast members from the Broadway show "Good Vibrations" will perform for the revelers in Times Square.