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Now succeeded another outbreak of revelry and extravagance.
Years later, to the crash of battle-music, Saxon kings and Saxon revelry were buried side by side, and Kingston's greatness passed away for a time, to rise once more when Hampton Court became the palace of the Tudors and the Stuarts, and the royal barges strained at their moorings on the river's bank, and bright-cloaked gallants swaggered down the water-steps to cry: "What Ferry, ho
From the village were heard the distant sounds of revelry, mixed occasionally with loud laughter, sometimes broken by screams, and sometimes by wild strains of distant music.
Upon witnessing the revelry, he decided to duplicate the revelry in Malinao town.
She added for this year, the ambient air monitoring machines recorded high readings on December 7-8, December 16 and December 23 before peaking during the midnight of December 31 or at the height of the New Year revelry when the city government, with the private sector, conducted the community fireworks display at the Melvin Jones Grandstand.
Under EO 28, only some fireworks are allowed in designated display areas to prevent accidents during the New Year revelry.
Many injuries were caused by lighting unused or unexploded firecrackers following the New Year revelry, the DOH said.
com)-- Arcane Revelry Partners with Feastly and Select CBD for First CBD Brunch Series and Product Launch
For the New Year revelry, he calls on the public to do away with fireworks and firecrackers as aside from the waste it will generate, it will also contribute to air pollution.
Holi celebrations at Amitabh Bachchan's residence are well- known, but the revelry was double this year as the family was joined by newlyweds Naina ( Bachchan's niece) and actor Kunal Kapoor.
23 December 2011 - US private equity investor Revelry Brands announced the first full-fledged acquisition in its two-year history, saying it had bought PACT Apparel Inc, a Berkley-based clothing company dedicated to environmentally responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices.
Organisers hope to attract hundreds of people to St George's Market for Rights And Revelry.