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Oh, my old friend, the malice of a revengeful girl has enlightened me, when you, my nurse--and he, my lover--left me in the dark: it has told me how my father died
With every kindly sympathy and affection blasted in its birth, with every young and healthy feeling flogged and starved down, with every revengeful passion that can fester in swollen hearts, eating its evil way to their core in silence, what an incipient Hell was breeding here!
Here I kept a pig; and one day, as ill fortune would have it, this pig broke out, and did a trespass, I think they call it, in a garden belonging to one of my neighbours, who was a proud, revengeful man, and employed a lawyer, one--one--I can't think of his name; but he sent for a writ against me, and had me to size.
She was fond of flowers, generous with money, and not revengeful.
How can you--how dare you have such wicked, revengeful thoughts?
And he tried to think of her as she was when he met her the first time, at a railway station too, mysterious, exquisite, loving, seeking and giving happiness, and not cruelly revengeful as he remembered her on that last moment.
However, over her refusal, he resorted to revengeful tactics against her, she claimed.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Affairs Irfan Siddique Sunday said the issue of revengeful executions in Bangladesh should have to be raised at international fora.
The PAT information secretary said that just before the Oct 12, 1999 incident the opposition was facing all sorts of hardships being meted out by the government and revengeful acts were at their prime at the hands of the ruling party.
Referring to the constructive role of Oman in the Yemeni crisis, which she said has been repeatedly hailed by the international community, Afkham said with the coalition's revengeful and unacceptable act, the Saudi-led forces proved that they do not even tolerate humanitarian acts in cooperation with the International Red Cross Committee and the United Nations to alleviate the sufferings of Yemeni people.
For Slahi, the bottom line is that the "rest of the world thinks of Americans as a bunch of revengeful barbarians.
Al-Sisi has brought a deep sense of hate and revengeful culture, where Egyptians -- I think for the first time -- speak to each other in such a venomous and irrational discourse.