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Cali Bamboo's newly formed partnership with Sixthman and Reverb is a natural given the roots of the company.
The rV100i from ReVerb Networks is an integrated solution that adds beam-forming capability as either an end-to-end system within a WiMAX or Pre-WiMAX network or as a standalone sub-system integrated into the larger network.
Over the last 20 years, Chicago Music Exchange has evolved into one of the premier vintage guitar and amp stores in the country, now a must-see destination for collectors, musicians, and fans," said David Kalt, CEO Reverb Music.
Our system overlay products provide an opportunity for our customers to expand the productivity, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security of their communications infrastructure," said Bill Carlin, President and CEO of ReVerb Networks.
In 2004 we were planning a tour and lamenting the impact that our bus, which we had nicknamed 'the Earth Eater,' had on the environment," said Guster frontman and Reverb co-founder Adam Gardner.
Reverb provides turn-key greening programs for artists' tours while conducting grassroots outreach and education with music fans everywhere.
One of the first dub albums was Perry's ``Blackboard Jungle Dub,'' in which rhythms were saturated in delay and reverb effects while snatches of vocals, guitar and organ seemed to be coming across vast spaces.
AM3D's Zirene([R]) product, includes features such as Stereo Widening, Power Bass, Equalization, Reverb and Virtually 5.
The interface, Metropark REVERB, directly feeds Twitter comments mentioning Metropark (Twitter name @MetroparkUSA) into the numerous plasma television screens located in each store as well as across the entire sixty-eight store Metropark network.
In addition to Mac-Intel support and several other Macintosh-specific enhancements, new features include real-time control of volume and pan, customizable reverb, improved playback controls, Music XML import/export, a textured manuscript background and much more.
To ensure environmental greening efforts are met at the Beach Rescue Concert, Reverb, the non-profit organization that educates and engages musicians and their fans to take action toward a more sustainable future, is handling on-site greening logistics and online fan outreach.