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The priest put on a short white lace garment over his black robe, crossed himself, bowed reverently, and began to turn a windlass slowly.
Then this must have been Lady Greystoke," said Jane reverently, indicating the poor mass of bones upon the bed.
For them all, that old-fashioned house with its gigantic mirrors, pre-Revolution furniture, powdered footmen, and the stern shrewd old man (himself a relic of the past century) with his gentle daughter and the pretty Frenchwoman who were reverently devoted to him presented a majestic and agreeable spectacle.
As God is my judge, Virginia," and the man reverently uncovered as he spoke, "it is the truth.
Anne looked about her reverently, her eyes with tears.
If I were you and had wife, or daughter, or sweetheart like this " - he touched the photograph almost reverently - "why, I'd go through fire and water but I'd keep myself decent; ain't you a silly old fool, now?
She heard him speak of his country reverently, almost prayerfully; of the sacrifices which true patriotism must always demand.
Cornelius took the Bible, and kissed it reverently.
The men reverently uncovered their heads in the presence of Death.
Sadly and reverently I laid the morsel of lace among the treasured memorials which I had brought with me from home.
revelations, later writers reverently and accurately copy whatever
So Carter Druse, bowing reverently to his father, who returned the salute with a stately courtesy which masked a breaking heart, left the home of his childhood to go soldiering.