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To overthrow, invalidate, repeal, or revoke.

For example, an appeals court reverses the judgment, decree, or sentence of a lower court either by substituting its own decision or by returning the case to the lower court with instructions for a new trial.

See: abrogate, adverse, annul, antipathetic, antipode, antithesis, cancel, complement, contra, contradict, contradictory, contraposition, contrary, counteract, counterpart, debacle, disaffirm, discharge, disown, escheat, hostile, invalidate, inverse, misfortune, negate, negative, nullify, opposite, override, overrule, overthrow, overturn, plight, quash, recant, recrudescence, regress, regressive, relapse, renege, repeal, repudiate, rescind, retreat, reversion, revert, revoke, tragedy, trouble, upset, vacate, vitiate, void, withdraw


to revoke or set aside a judgment or a decree.

TO REVERSE, practice. The decision of a superior court by which the judgment, sentence or decree of the inferior court is annulled.
     2. After a judgment, sentence or decree has been rendered by the court below, a writ of error may be issued from the superior to the inferior tribunal, when the record and all proceedings are sent to the supreme court on the return to the writ of error. When, on the examination of the record, the superior court gives a judgment different from the inferior court, they are said to reverse the proceeding. As to the effect of a reversal, see 9 C. & P. 513 S, C. 38 E. C. L. Rep. 201.

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