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It also offers us new opportunities for hybrid cloud services with universal templating tools that provide easy onboarding to Ikoula's cloud, and reversibility with no lock in," said Jules Henri Gavetti, CEO of Ikoula.
While Benthamites tend not to want to mention this material addendum to the written corpus, Collings sees in Bentham's refusal to honor the customs that sacralize the dead a demystifying impulse that mirrors Burke's denial of antagonism and reversibility; Bentham's work is infused with "the hope that we might collectively overcome antagonism" and achieve "a form of government free of the logic of reversibility, bound by nothing more than the task of managing the benign operations of a perfectly ordered system" (96).
In addition to dose-dependency, isopropanol could also be used to illustrate reversibility.
They admit that a surgeon and a pediatrician seem an unlikely team to describe the reversibility of the mechanisms and anatomy of hypersensitivity and chronic degenerative diseases, but say that in fact it gives them a broad perspective on why people become ill and what doctors can to do help patients get better.
With a system that combines total reversibility, with a gateless design and servo driven linear motion, the core benefits are truly impressive: It can move products in several directions on one line and into any packaging system; It minimises moving parts--to improve efficiency and provide a low maintenance and easy to clean system and has virtually no product damage or flavour loss.
To differentiate asthma from COPD one is dependent on the history, clinical examination during the stable phase, and demonstration of the degree of airflow reversibility in response to administration of a short-acting [[beta].
Tokyo, Japan, May 22, 2006 - (JCN) - Hitachi has succeeded in quantitatively measuring the reversibility of damage to motor function as a result of cerebral dysfunction.
Due to the high reactivity and reversibility of the radical reaction, the organic radical battery demonstrates extremely high power density and good cycleability making it suitable for a range of next generation applications.
The projection of the pianist--shown on the back of the screen featuring Pahl's animation--gives the screen the reversibility of a coin and proves that the animation is, in fact, a silent film.
Unfortunately, in the automatic arena, reversibility means a lot more money.
NeoCryl BT-103 offers excellent economics in end-use, has a high heat resistance, excellent reversibility and gives fast film formation, according to the company.