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Regarding the regained or revested equitable interests, the proprietary consequences of rescission seem to be explicable on neither traditional property nor unjust enrichment analysis.
Management responsibility for the O&C lands was given to the O&C Revested Lands Administration, headed by pioneering forester Walter Horning, and placed within the Department of Interior.
85 acres of wetlands that had previously revested in the State, which had then separately resold them); Fox v.
5 million acres of the railroad's lands revested to federal ownership in 1916.
The Reorganization Act nullified all prior delegations of power within the Department and revested all USDA powers in the Secretary, allowing him to delegate them as he saw fit.
5 million acres, revested to federal ownership in 1916 after having been on the property tax rolls for half a century.
failed to meet the terms of the land grant, and in 1916 the unsold sections revested to federal ownership.
Another illustration of government accommodation of retention and disposal is the revested Oregon and California Grant Lands (O&C Grant Lands) in western Oregon.
The Chamberlain-Ferris Act of 1916 compensated the railroad for the revested lands at the rate of $2.