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Enhanced Reviewer Page now provides overview of all reviewers' contributions and allows for sharing the page publically
WALES' NHS watchdog has been accused of downgrading its only role in inspection teams dedicated to monitoring patient experiences on wards after it emerged that from next year lay reviewers would be voluntary rather than paid.
The worst case scenario for the editor is having to reach out to reviewers who are not experts in the subject area or not as closely related to the field, increasing the likelihood that the quality of the review will be less than desired.
The selection of these reviewers was a difficult process, as we had a very large number of truly outstanding reviewers to choose from.
Until now, connecting brands with reviewers has been complicated or costly.
Each paper is evaluated by at least 2 reviewers for scientific quality and content.
Contract notice: 3 framework agreements for credit reviewers.
Managing director Susie Chalmers said: "Jake joined our team of Red House reviewers in September 2011 and he has already read and reviewed six books for us.
Peer reviewers play a key role in contributing to the quality, the value, and even the reputation of science.
Our exciting Young Reviewers 2012/13 scheme helps promote arts in the region, and it promises to be bigger than ever.
Food and Drug Administration has announced two new training programs designed to improve the skills of premarket application reviewers at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).
As the modern process of peer review requires that at least two independent experts look in detail as to the merits of a manuscript, editors are continually seeking reviewers.