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One fellow merchant defaced it with yellow paint and tar and the Echo's sister paper the Western Mail ran an editorial describing Batchelor as "a traitor to the Crown, a reviler of the aristocracy, a hater of the clergy, a panderer to the multitude.
Such a statement also begs the question: Should one then prefer to be the reviler or the reviled, especially if one must eventually answer to the Son of God for one's choice?
But, as Manuel has noted, Selah Merrill "was the most acrimonious reviler of the Jews who ever occupied the post of consul.
Who will not praise and admire the glory of the sun and stars, and the frame of Heaven, and not wish to know their influence and operation upon earth, for fear of the ridicule of revilers and vilifiers of the science, who understand it not, and so deem it fraud and iniquity.