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In Yamunaque's studio there was a sense that the use of any kind of clay and, in particular, the pre-Colombian paleteado technique and terra sigillatas, was a kind of revindication of Peruvian history and identity.
This social sanctioning from the HipHop community at large further evidences the entrenchment of revindication as central to Senegalese HipHop's self-conception, imposing an ethos to which griots are not expected to adhere.
11) In Europe this concept generated a movement of secularism, which ended up with the Marxist revindication for the separation of the state from God, religion, and morality.
Taking issue with psychoanalytic theorists who have identified masochism as a mode of resistance to patriarchal culture, Smith argues that the "two-stage exhibitionist/masochistic process must always be followed by a narrative revindication of the phallic law and by the hero's accession to the paternal and patronizing function of the third stage of the orthodox action-movie codes.
If logos in the form of dialogue, instruction and other kinds of discursive propagation and exploration of philosophical truth had long served for essential instrument, we find by the 1st century BC, according to Schroeder, a revindication of imago in its marriage with logos as appropriate to techniques of philosophising.
A form of positive individualism is afforded in a democracy when the singular experience of a woman can give birth to a collective form of revindication of rights.
While revindication of ethnic or Indian/African-American rights and autonomy are central to many peasant movements, they are strongly linked to class interests and horizontal alliances with other exploited classes.
But while a new generation searches lot what form the music of the bandoneon will take after Piazzolla's triumphant revindication of the instrument, there is one small problem: the instrument.
While this aim dominates, of clearly equal concern to Laxer is the revindication, through its practical application, of an essentially Marxist social theory (which is to say one which takes the analysis of global capitalism and class relations as essential) against a faddish postmodernism whose effect, he argues, is to reinforce the social arrangements of the new capitalism.
In this ambience of death and grief, of the end of the world, during the magnificent reign of Robert, King of Naples, in an age marked by the spiritual elevation of Dante and the sweetness and perfection of love of Petrarch's poetry, the derision and comic strength of these tales told by a company of frivolous women take on a special meaning, almost a revindication or even revenge.
10) The Theaetetus and the Sophist thus seem to stand together and deny us any easy way to restore to the Theaetetus a revindication of Socrates' insistence that the arguments of Theaetetus cannot be separated from the mode in which he delivered them from him.
From a poetry of cultural revindication, Lusophone verse became a poetry of protest and combat with the emergence, notably in Cape Verde, of the antievasionist group, which addresses the chronic socioeconomic problems of the archipelago.