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The value of exhibition revisitation has not been as obvious for ceramics as it has for painting and sculpture: media with somewhat longer and more complex histories of manipulation principally for effect in the context of public display.
All BR can do is train readers in the skills of revisitation and reflection that would be necessary for them to discern, someday, God's presence in their own memories.
1) Specifically, the argument made here is that Rhys's subversive return to Jam Eyre and to the earlier novel's central gothic edifice, Thornfield Hall, is a revisitation of novelistic discourse as an instance of colonial discourse and of a particular discursive structure which I shall call the 'imperial archive.
Later Ulrich develops a passion for chemistry, which he sees as "the revisitation of his entombed love for music,'' and moves to Berlin to study.
A careful revisitation of item content and structure may prove worthwhile for its authors.
DOCTOR WHO - Revisitation (Cert 12, 336 mins, BBC DVD, DVD pounds 39.
Revisitation of the ages is established in this scene with the magical force of passion and prophecy, founded on a supernatural eroticism.
Keep in mind that Mosley has been through more than a divorce and the revisitation of his 2003 - let's say unknowing - use of steroids.
Less studied, however, are Marinella's many other writings, which include hagiography, poetry, epic, and, finally, a revisitation of her famous treatise on women.
Congo, Arrete Portant Mise Sur Pied de la Commission Ministerielle Chargee de la Revisitation des Contrats Miniers.
3) In Agee's application for a Guggenheim fellowship in 1937, he describes what he refers to as the "Alabama record" as a new kind of art: "It is to be as exhaustive a reproduction and analysis of personal experience, including the phases and problems of memory and recall and revisitation and the problems of writing and communication, as I am capable of, with constant bearing on two points: to tell everything possible as accurately as possible: and to invent nothing" (Collected 150).
Further negotiations have been held with the Revisitation Committee appointed