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The value of exhibition revisitation has not been as obvious for ceramics as it has for painting and sculpture: media with somewhat longer and more complex histories of manipulation principally for effect in the context of public display.
All BR can do is train readers in the skills of revisitation and reflection that would be necessary for them to discern, someday, God's presence in their own memories.
But Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee United and Hearts insisted there would be no revisitation of the vote.
Sam Kerbel visited Bernard Avishai's revisitation of Portnoy's Complaint.
The decision to look again at the route followed a report by the Commons transport committee in November, which advised a revisitation of the impact and benefits of HS2.
If Bronte's text performs the vicissitudes of the imperial (and patriarchal) archive, Rhys's offers an allegory of a postcolonial revisitation haunted by its own ambivalent relationship to the literary archives of empire.
A notable and interesting aspect of Schneider's discussion is his revisitation of Lorenzo Giacomini, a contemporary of Guarini, whose work Sopra la purgazione della tragedia was quite influential on the author of the Compendio and the Verati.
If you are a Stephenson fan who believes Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon (1999) are his greatest novels, Reamde will come as very good news, for in many ways it can be read as a thematic revisitation of those excellent precursors.
It's a revisitation of what this company is built on," he said.
Later Ulrich develops a passion for chemistry, which he sees as "the revisitation of his entombed love for music,'' and moves to Berlin to study.
DOCTOR WHO - Revisitation (Cert 12, 336 mins, BBC DVD, DVD pounds 39.
Her talk will explore the ways web content changes over time and how users' revisitation patterns are influenced by those changes.