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A source said last night: "She's really excited about revisiting some of her earliest hits.
Once There Was A Country: Revisiting Haiti, a film by noted philanthropist and Miami local, Kimberly Green.
Even well established businesses would benefit from regularly revisiting their business plan, especially if they are undergoing expansion or a period of diversification.
It includes revisiting the mission statement, identifying challenges and opportunities, and evaluating the degree to which the organization is meeting customer or constituent needs.
With a new generation of artists revisiting the experiments of the '70s and cultivating legacies as diverse as Land art, post-Minimalism, and Joseph Beuys, a survey retracing the history of a lively decade that submitted art to every sort of question seems a timely effort.
In revisiting the Chevron doctrine, the court referred to Brown & Williamson, 529 US 120 (2000), which provided additional guidance for administering the first-step test of the Chevron doctrine.
Jarbawi then suggests revisiting other similar laws on non-governmental organizations, political parties, and not for profit organizations.
Additionally, given that the equity tranche is a crucial part of a CDO's capital structure, revisiting equity return assumptions that were originally marketed provides great insight into the realities of structural mitigants and different forms of delevering, the articles says.
This includes evaluating the current president against a set of job expectations, as well as periodically revisiting organizational objectives to keep them aligned with evolving priorities and directions.
Revisiting the dichotomies at the heart of modernist painting, Furnas manipulates the boundaries between figure and ground, form and formlessness, and figuration and abstraction, working in an idiosyncratic style that falls somewhere between Carroll Dunham's and Kai Althoff's.
The cost of revisiting the schools and correcting problems is estimated at more than $1.