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To renew.

For example, revival is the act of renewing the legal force of a contract or debt, either by acknowledging it or by giving a new promise, when the contract or debt is no longer a sufficient foundation for a lawsuit because it is barred by the running of the Statute of Limitations.

See: change, copy, cure, develop, fix, meliorate, recall, recollect, recreate, rehabilitate, reinstate, remedy, remember, renew, renovate, reopen, repair, restore, resurrect

REVIVE, practice. When a judgment is more than a day and a year old, no execution can issue upon it at common law; but till it has been paid, or the presumption arises from lapse of time, that it has been satisfied, it may be revived and have all its original force, which was merely suspended. This may be done by a scire facias, or an action of debt on the judgment. Vide Scire facias; Wakening.

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Perhaps the most essential question to begin with is why are we talking about reviving religious discourse in the first place, and to what do we owe the sudden massive interest?
Talking to reporter here Sunday, he said that Indian movies had invaded Pakistan's culture, and expressed the need for reviving the local film industry.
REVIVING ties between India and Pakistan was at the top of Zaka Ashraf's agenda from the day he took over as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB).
In the event of allocating loans and reviving the previous application, allowance is to be paid five years after the application revival date.
The Indian doctor, who was on duty at the Intensive Care Unit on that day in February of 2009, allegedly assisted the Austrian defendant by not reviving the patient when the latter had a heart attack.
It is reviving the model because of increase in demand for the smaller end of the premium cars.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Cultural Partnership Project for Reviving Heritage on Thursday celebrated the inauguration of restoring and decorating the facades of the Umayyad Street in Sarouja neighborhood in old Damascus.
However, movie bosses are reviving NewmanAAEs Cassidy character for a sequel, which will show the gun-toting cowboy as an old man, played byAaSam Shepard.
Media reports said that Mitchell did not publicly reveal details of the US new initiative for reviving the peace process and bringing Palestinians and Israeli back to the negotiation table.
Al-Abbadi underscored the importance of reviving the Egyptian branch of
After a long day at work cover tired tootsies in this reviving soak and you'll be ready for the dance floor in no time.