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Justice Olatoregun, who expressed displeasure with the lateness, consequently revoked his bail.
The Firearms Licensing Board revoked the licences yesterday and asked the leaders to surrender their pistols and shotguns by close of business yesterday.
West Yorkshire saw 66 shotgun licences revoked over the last year, according to the Home Office.
Currently, they informed that there were a total of 26 such cases, out of which four would be revoked shortly after completing all formalities.
However, a Northern Ireland Office spokesman said: "The independent Parole Commissioners recommended Mr Taylor's licence be revoked because of the risk he poses to the public.
The Russian regulator has already revoked 83 licenses since the start of this year.
Whereas TRA has not received any comments from the stakeholders, the licence has been revoked from the date of its publication in the gazette.
Under Saudi laws, citizenship can be revoked of anyone who takes up another nationality or works for the military force of another country without prior approval from the Saudi government.
The United Kingdom announced on Sunday that it restored 24 export arms licenses that were revoked following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi in July.
NNA - In a press release by the US Embassy in Beirut, it said "Lebanese media reports claiming that the visas of 6,000 Lebanese have been recently revoked are categorically untrue.
The court heard Wright's licence had been revoked by the DVLA due to his failing to surrender it for endorsement after a speeding offence last year.
He added that among those whose citizenship was revoked was an officer in the Internal Security Forces.