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NBC is also trying its hand at a British format called Friday Night Dinner, which revolves around (you guessed it
Each sun in these systems revolves around its mate in a regular, cyclical pattern.
Geared for children 5 and older, the 80-minute film revolves around three siblings, Benjamin (Frankie Muniz), Crista (Lacey Chabert) and Marco (Daryl Sabara), who are trying to find their missing Uncle Rudy (William H.
The story revolves around Leigh Meredith, young, attractive, and successful.
The competition, run by university students and young professionals working in engineering, science, math and technology, revolves around solving design problems by building robots for games.
It revolves around the world's second largest auto maker and the continually revolving door at the executive suite.
According to Miller's research, one adult American in five thinks the sun revolves around the Earth.
Where is the 'art' in photography when the typical discussion revolves around technical camera operation?
The manufacturer's marketing focus revolves around demonstrating why their particular product should be a component of the system.
A successful organization, according to Green, revolves around an owner knowing his or her weaknesses, and finding appropriate partners or staff to perform the tasks involved in those areas.
The production revolves around the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, an Episcopalian and a young, gay man, in Laramie, Wyo.
Their constantly changing work schedule revolves around the many phases of the moon and the tides.