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The movements and full range of Wilson's art work over her career of more than 30 years are treated knowledgeably and rewardingly in this major art book on this artist.
Theatric Revolution remains full of original research, intriguing detail, and rewardingly thick description.
IN his 29th novel, Philip Roth delivers a short but rewardingly sharp read.
But that doesn't matter, because not only is it better for us to live in ignorance but it's also rewardingly lucrative to apply the maxim: C[pounds sterling]If in doubt, use it until the doubt is gone,C[yen] which usually implies death, but anyway.
I see the ameliorative role of pragmatist aesthetics (including somaesthetics) as aimed at helping us to "feel better" in both senses of that ambiguous phrase (which expresses the ambiguity of aesthetics itself): to make the quality of our experience more rewardingly rich or enjoyable, and to make our awareness of what we experience more acute and perceptive.
Hence I have selected six areas of inquiry to demonstrate the significantly distinctive nature of the insights that can be gleaned from each (including the social sciences), towards demonstrating how they may be synthesized into a rewardingly insightful, unified perspective.
It is possible to see how the arguments on multiple implied authors in this chapter and the ones on multiple narrators in the rest of the book could be rewardingly brought together.
Just as the novel's style is reminiscent of that in much modernist fiction, so the novel's contents can be rewardingly interpreted in the light of one of the myths most frequently found in the context of modernist art and literature: the myth of the descent to the underworld.
His many books and articles rewardingly engage highly theorized sub-topics within literary studies, such as influence, social and cultural identity, professionalism, law, and colonialism, from a serious philosophical, psychoanalytic, and, now, cognitive scientific perspective.
Ultimately and rewardingly, the singer's journey of discovery becomes our own.
You may say toh-MAY-toh while I may say toh-MAH-toh, and before calling the whole thing off we might argue intelligently and even rewardingly about the fascinating difference of Anglophone pronunciation across the world.